Eurowings Europe Pilot Jobs

Eurowings Europe Ltd. was founded in 2022 and will succeed the former Austrian Eurowings Europe.

Eurowings Europe Pilot Jobs

Last update: April 11, 2023

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Eurowings Europe Job Overview

Hiring situation

Eurowings Europe Payscale

First Officer:

  • (Austria) € 3.534-4.317
  • (Spain) € 4.035-5.045
  • (Sweden) SEK 24.148-37.188
  • (Czech) € 1.941-2.376


  • (Austria) € 6.108-8.585
  • (Spain) € 7.411-11.204
  • (Sweden) SEK 43.466-67.614
  • (Czech) € 3.105-4.348

Per Diem

First Officer: € 500 / month Captain: € 750 / month

Eurowings Europe Roster

Very unstable, especially during summer. Only few hours flown in winter. Prague base has fixed roster

Annual Leave


Important Information

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Eurowings Europe Fleet Information

Eurowings operates a fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft.

Requirements for Eurowings Europe Pilots

  • EASA ATPL (A) or CPL (A) with ATPL credit or MPL (A) without operator bonding (German or Austrian License is appreciated)
  • Preferably with A320 type rating
  • Multi engine IR rating
  • Advanced UPRT Training according EASA.FCL.745.A
  • MCC
  • Entrance qualification for an (advanced) technical college, high school degree, university entrance exam or completed vocational training
  • Good oral and written command of English language (min. ICAO-Language Proficiency Level 4)
  • Medical Class I
  • Negative drug test
  • Valid background check
  • EU-citizenship, Non-EU citizens: residence and work permit for Spain, Sweden or Czech Republic
  • Unrestricted validity of passport
  • No accident/ no incident confirmation
  • 2 references that hold/have held a managerial or training position within an aviation related organization

Company Details

Eurowings Europe Bases

Salzburg, Palma de Mallorca, Pristina, Stockholm / Arlanda, Prague

For online ICAO Proficiency Tests we recommend SIERRAMIKE Consulting.

For assessment preperation we recommend VIMANA GmbH.

If you feel that interview preperation could help you get your dream job then we recommend the interview training with VIMANA GmbH.

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