Pilot Jobs is a british low cost carrier with their company headquater in Leeds, UK. The company runs several bases in UK and their core business are holiday chater flights across Europe. is a full subsidiary of and serves as a tour operator and package holiday provider.

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Last update: June 15, 2023

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First Officer:

GBP 57.626 – 84.780 / year gross


GBP 129.392 / year gross

Per Diem

varying btw. GBP 30 - 50 for captains (depending on mileage flown) and GBP 13 - 19 for F/O Roster

Random roster published 4-8 weeks in advance, no fix pattern options and no collective agreement in place!

Annual Leave

sorry - no reliable info available! What we know is that there is a alphabetic bid system used and no seniority levels.

Important Information

OFF Day payment: CPT: GBP 547,29 F/O: GBP 341,79 Outlook/side note: Jet2 is presently expanding very fast and their forecasted profit for 2022/23 is over 400m GBP! Over 95 Airbus NEO are ordered! Fleet Information

Jet2 fleet 2023:

88x Boeing 737-800
7x Boeing 737-300
8x Boeing 757-200
3x Airbus A321

+ A330 orders have been announced recently!

Requirements for Pilots

No current data is available – let us know if you have up date information!

Company Details Bases

MAN, LBA, GLA, EDI, BFS, NCL, EMA, BHX, STN, BRS, LPL – Winter charter base at LGW!

For online ICAO Proficiency Tests we recommend SIERRAMIKE Consulting.

For assessment preperation we recommend VIMANA GmbH.

If you feel that interview preperation could help you get your dream job then we recommend the interview training with VIMANA GmbH.

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