Lufthansa Cityline Pilot Jobs

Lufthansa Cityline is a subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG (Mainline) and specialized on traffic between LH hubs as well as economical hubs in Europe. Air Dolomiti and Lufthansa Cityline together shape the brand of “Lufhansa Regional”.

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Lufthansa Cityline Pilot Jobs

Last update: April 18, 2023

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Lufthansa Cityline Job Overview

Hiring situation

Lufthansa Cityline Payscale

First Officer:

€ 66.864 – 122.040/ year gross


€ 155.628 – 203.868/ year gross

Per Diem

depending on month salary - you may expect factor 1,7 of month salary but not knowing in which relation this is meant...

Lufthansa Cityline Roster

Min 10 days off per month – either 4 ON / 2 OFF or 5 ON / 3 OFF

Annual Leave

38 - 42 days per year

Important Information

Access to MyIDTravel. Same company benefits as LH Mainline. Application and selection same as LH Mainline, DLR test and LH Medical is required!

Lufthansa Cityline Fleet Information

Fleet of A319, CRJ900 and E190. According to their website they operate LH Cargo A321 aswell but no further details on that.

Requirements for Lufthansa Cityline Pilots

No current data on that, sorry!

Company Details

Lufthansa Cityline Bases

MUC / FRA but no current data on that, sorry!

For online ICAO Proficiency Tests we recommend SIERRAMIKE Consulting.

For assessment preperation we recommend VIMANA GmbH.

If you feel that interview preperation could help you get your dream job then we recommend the interview training with VIMANA GmbH.

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