Malta Air / Ryanair Pilot Jobs

Malta Air is a subsidiary of the Ryanair Group. The airline is a fast growing start-up, which commenced operations in June 2019. Malta Air has its headquarters in Malta and operations in Malta, Italy, Germany and France, serving destinations throughout Europe.

Malta Air / Ryanair Pilot Jobs

Last update: April 12, 2023

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Malta Air / Ryanair Job Overview

Malta Air / Ryanair Payscale

First Officer:
€ 48.000 – 74.000 / year depending on experience

€ 144.000 / year

Per Diem

First Officer: € 68 / day + € 19,60 / block hour Captain: information needed

Malta Air / Ryanair Roster

5 On : 4 Off, very stable

Annual Leave

20 block days + 10 ad hoc days

Important Information

Best contract and pay of all the Ryanair contracts. Highest pay of Ryanair Group is with Malta Air Italian bases and local union contract.

Malta Air / Ryanair Fleet Information

Malta Air operates a fleet of Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX aircraft.

Requirements for Malta Air / Ryanair Pilots

Malta Air / Ryanair has quite a complex requirement structure. From cadet programs for students to experienced First Officers and Captains there are multiple different requirements.
The up to date information can be found on the Ryanair career website.

Company Details

Malta Air / Ryanair Bases

Malta, Bergamo,…
More information needed.

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